Our Choices

  Make Our Future 


Solar should not only be designed & installed with quality, it should look good.



Batteries are more affordable than ever.  Keep the lights on when the grid is down.


Off grid living is easier than ever with lithium batteries and the latest inverter/chargers.


Electric heat pump hot water heaters are super efficient and are a perfect use for solar. 

Plus EV Chargers, Solar Thermal, and More

Designed Right

   &  Built to last

About Us

We believe business should serve people and not the other way around.  The pressure to measure success by numbers changes a business relationship from one of mutual value to one incentivized to maximize profits & production. People end up secondary in that equation. Perhaps returning to mutual concern and quality would serve us better.


Quality in the Hand

In order to guarantee true quality, everything from the site visit to commissioning we do. No salespeople, crews or outsourcing. We are the responsible owner/ operators and your projects' quality is in our hands.

 Low overhead

We keep our needs small so we aren't pushed to get through one project to get to the next. Pushing time almost always has bad results, and attention to you, the details and quality requires time.

 vetted equipment

Technology is advancing at light speed. We purchase your equipment only after researching & designing with the most current & reliable components. We don't stock equipment that needs to be used up so we can bring you the exact system for your needs & situation.


We've been doing this a long time. This coupled with an inner drive for quality & service, means that our final product is the best there is. And keeping current on all aspects of the industry from new technology and best practices to rate structures and incentives is key.