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643 - SOLR(7657)

Solar Array

solar pv

Solar can be designed & installed in many ways.  We put  the extra "energy"  to make the system  as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

solar thermal

Solar Hot Water Systems that integrate with Solar PV.  Narrow collectors don't compete for space with a PV array.  Great State incentives!

off grid

Off Grid Systems with the latest proven technologies in batteries, charge controllers & smart inverters.  All monitored from a cell or PC.


Battery Backup & Load Shifting.  Take advantage of the latest tariff rates.  State battery incentives are at their highest level!

Who We Are

We believe that business should serve people and not the other way around. The pressure to maximize "THE NUMBERS" changes a business relationship away from one of mutual value.  People end up secondary in that equation, and that results in many unintended consequences.  Perhaps a return to mutual concern and quality would more positively affect the present and the future.

Business Approach


Knowledge & Experience

We've been in renewable energy for over 10 years and have continuously furthered our education & deepened our experience. There is no substitute for knowledge, attention to detail  & skill in the hand.


Personal Approach

It all starts and ends with a personal relationship. Make that the framework for the project & the best outcome for all is possible!


Philosophy of Quality

Besides the fact that a mindset of quality shows in all details, quality design & installation is necessary for a system to operate as planned for 25+ years. Quality that starts in the mind, flows through the hands.


Complete Follow Through

Follow through doesn't just come at the end of a project. Providing well informed due diligence before and during construction is key to a reliable, long lived system.  Only then, can monitoring, production analysis & service complete the circle.

CSLB License # 922258

NABCEP Cert - PV-102415-011419

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